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The Royal Institution in Albermarle Street, little
                                changed externally from when the Solomons’ lived
                                                within a stone’s throw.

                              Suter, born in  India in 1864, was not  yet  even in  his
                              teens when the Solomons firm ceased to be.  He must
                              have had his microscope by 1887, well after the demise
                              of  the  Solomons  firm:  by  then,  and  probably  before
                              then,  he  was  at  5  Highweek  Rd.,  Tottenham  –  still
                              school teaching, but advertising in Science Gossip, in

                              October, seeking specimens.

                              So: why did he have a Solomons instrument?  I suspect
                              the  answer  may  lie  with  Suter’s  father’s  association
                              with  the  printer  and  lithographer  Isaac  Joseph.    Isaac
                              moved  to  Highweek  Road,  Tottenham,  from  inner
                              London around the same time as the Suter family, and
                              his  daughter  was  a  bookbinder’s  apprentice  there,
                              almost  certainly  under  Richard  Suter  senior:  I  think
                              Isaac was the printer for our mounter’s labels at no.5,

                              and  then  no.10,  Highweek  Road  (although  I  cannot
                              prove  it).    While  still  in  London,  Isaac  probably
                              acquired  Solomons  instruments  via  connections  with
                              local Jewry, possibly from Solomons’ deceased estate:
                              knowing  of  young  Richard  Suter’s  interest  in  things
                              scientific, a microscope then was given or sold to him.
                              That is speculative, of course: Richard Suter may have
                              bought  the  instrument  in  a  second  hand  shop,  or  his
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