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now (as discussed already) he almost certainly had his
                              microscope, and  probably  included  microscopy  in  his
                              school lessons.  He certainly began mounting within a
                              few  years,  as  evidenced  by  his  1887  Science  Gossip
                              entry.  His brothers were all much younger (Suter was
                              born in India, where his mother Ann had been a child
                              bride  aged  14)  and  doubtless  grew  up  listening  to
                              Richard’s  talk  of  things  scientific,  including
                              microscopy.  Ten years later, two of Richard’s brothers
                              – William and Harry - were assisting in the mounting
                              business, and Thomas possibly also helped while still
                              at 10 Highweek Road.

                                             The Suter household in 1901

                              By  1901  at  10  Highweek  Road  the  census  extract
                              above shows William and Harry as mounting assistants.
                              When that census was taken, Thomas was staying with
                              his aunt Sarah in Hampshire: by 1903 he was married,
                              and presumably had moved to Bruce Grove.  Ten years
                              later, the  census  at  10  Highweek  Road  shows  two  of
                              the other boys working for chemists: if they continued
                              assisting  with  mounting,  perhaps  they  brought  some
                              chemical knowledge to the activity.  (Richard senior is
                              absent from the entry – at the time of the census he was
                              visiting his sister in Portsmouth.)

                              The 1911 census, above, now shows Richard alone as a
                              mounter: younger siblings may or may not have helped,
                                                       part time.
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