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As to exactly where the mounting took place, matters
                              are  not  well  supported  by  definitive  evidence.    In
                              Micscape, June 2010, I suggested that Suter may have
                              used a back garden shed for his mounting, and there is
                              now  tentative  support  for  that  possibility.    Air  raid
                              shelters  were  sometimes  improvised  by  adding
                              Anderson metal cladding to pre-existing structures like
                              garden sheds: one example is shown below.

                              In the back garden photograph of old Suter, previously
                              shown  in  this  article,  one  can  see  some  interesting

                              A shed of some sort is seen in the next door garden,
                              with  what  look  suspiciously  like  storage  cabinet
                              drawers  on  its  right,  and  curved  Anderson  shelter
                              corrugated metal sections lying behind.  The cabinet –
                              if  that  is  what  it  is  –  is  not  the  same  one  previously
                              shown in  this  article, but  it looks similar.   Can  Suter
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