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the  Suter  house.    The  microscope  shown  is  not  that
                              which has survived as a family heirloom, which means
                              little - Suter advertised microscopes, acting as selling
                              agent  for  at  least  eight  makers,  including  R&J  Beck
                              (the instrument in the photograph may be an R&J Beck
                              travelling  microscope.)    His  younger  brother  Thomas
                              ran  a  shop  selling  photographic  accessories,  and  may
                              have  made  the  posed  study,  as  an  early  essay  in

                                 A postcard featured a shop at The Parade, Bruce
                               Grove, Tottenham.  The man in the doorway seems to
                                bear a family resemblance to Richard Suter, and is
                                               probably Thomas Suter.

                              Much  Bruce  Grove  streetscape  remains  today,  in  a
                              somewhat  dilapidated  state.    Premises  have  been  re-
                              numbered  since  the  days  of  the  Suters:  there  is  more
                              than  one  possibility,  but  the  illustration  below  (R)
                              shows what was probably once the shop.
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