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Richard’s  death  certificate,  above,  seems  to  specify
                              cancer (it does not say what sort), so he may have been

                              an in-patient at St. Ann’s                      Hospital for
                              quite some time before a stroke finally carried him off.
                              Men 95 years old suffer close to 100% prevalence of
                              prostate cancer, and this seems the likeliest reason for

                              his  initial  admission  to  St.Ann’s  Hospital.    It  may  be
                              that the hospital were unable to contact family members,
                              and paid the four guinea burial fee.  Whatever the case,

                              it was a sad end to an illustrious mounting career.

                              Concluding remarks

                              This article has dealt with comparatively few of Suter’s
                              mounts: many of his arranged and “exhibition” mounts,
                              for instance, remain undocumented – although none are

                              quite as splendid as the one illustrated here.  My own
                              collection  includes  several  such  arranged  mounts,
                              which may form the basis of some future article. I may

                              seem to have included a surfeit of information on the
                              Solomons microscope: but little has been written about
                              this firm, and it remains a mystery how Suter acquired

                              his instrument: so it seemed worthwhile to include what
                              I have discovered.  Readers may be able to “fill in the

                              Overall, my purpose has been to place Richard Suter in
                              his time and circumstances, and I hope readers whose
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