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census  shows  Thomas  living  in  Bruce  Grove  –  but
                              working  as  a  postman.   Columbia  XP  records, which
                              the shop sold, were cylindrical, made for phonographs,
                              and around 1910 they were being supplanted rapidly by
                              gramophone discs. The exact dates between which the
                              shop flourished are as yet unknown.

                                Thomas Suter, as he appears under the category of
                                     “Electricians” in the 1901 trades directory

                              If  Thomas  Suter’s  advertisement  (below),  and  the
                              trades  directory,  are  anything  to  go  by,  the  house
                              bulged at the seams for a time!

                               From The Model Engineer and Amateur Electrician,
                                                  September 15, 1902

                              Small wonder that, before the 1901 census was taken,
                              he had moved out of 10 Highweek Road, presumably
                              to Bruce Grove.

                                The Suter household at 10 Highweek Road, in mid-

                                          1901, when the census was taken

                              Richard’s business continued, without encumbrance of
                              Thomas’  goods:  by  now,  as  per  the  census  above,
                              William and Harry were assisting in the mounting.
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