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Thomas Suter and family in Bruce Grove, in the 1911


                              It  seems  business  as  an  electrician  was  unkind  to
                              Thomas for a time (one recalls the parallel case of John
                              Thomas  Norman  junior  a  couple  of  decades  earlier).
                              But after an initial setback, apparently he returned to it,
                              since  his  shop  featured  “electrical  and  mechanical
                              equipment”.    Whether  or  not  the  shop  sold  Richard
                              Suter’s  mounts  is  unknown.  Thomas’  entrepreneurial
                              instinct was strong: by 1911 he had moved three doors
                              away,  to  a  shop  now  specialising  in  bicycles  –  then
                              very  much  an  up  and  coming  commodity.    That
                              business  must have  prospered  –  in  1926  the  electoral
                              records  show  Thomas  continuing  business  at  Bruce
                              Grove  but  living  at  686  High  Road,  so  he  probably
                              owned  one  or  both  of  those  premises.    (His  son
                              continued  the  business,  and  the  bicycle  shop  still
                              existed  in  1986,  now  moved  to  686  High  Road  and
                              offering mopeds as well as bicycles.)
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