An African land snail - a macro study

by Mol Smith UK

Ben is an African land snail living with me in the UK along with his mate. Ben is both male and female. He/she (here-after referred to as a male) is just over five years old. The photograph above is a macro shot of him in my garden enjoying a summer stroll out in the sun. I could sit here and tell you all about these fantastic creatures but I have a better macro story to tell. So, if you want to find out more about land snails of the African variety in detail, here are some good links:


Keeping them as pets

The best way to tell a story is with a video. So hopefully, this one should do it. (Music is properly licenced from Pond 5), filmed with macro setting on LG5 cell phone. Hand held.

This is Ben still sealed in hibernation. I am about to try and wake him up...


I'll let you know next month if he woke up or not. Find out here...  

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