A painting of 'parrot tulips' inspired by the photography of Brian Johnston

by Harva Carbone, USA


Editor's note: We are delighted when a contributor's article and imagery inspire a reader to create their own artworks. Below is a painting by Harva Carbone inspired by the illustrated article on 'A Close Up View of Two "Parrot Tulips" Tulipa x hybrida' by Brian Johnston which is one of his splendid suite of articles exploring the macro and microscopic detail of plants 'A Flower Garden of  Macroscopic Delights'.

Harva writes: This painting of your parrot tulips was done for my Aunt Esther’s 90th birthday this Easter. She is the last of 11 children from a very Dutch family in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I live in Southern California so tulips are slim-pickin’ and parrot tulips even more so.  I wanted to do something special for her and when I saw the photos posted on Micscape, I knew they would be perfect for her.  I am a retired 3rd grade teacher and am just beginning to paint.  My favorite subject is close-ups of flowers.  Thank you for your wonderful website and for giving permission to paint your parrot tulip.

Email: harvamom AT  mac DOT com


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