A Retro Perspective by Mol Smith

25 years ago or there-about's, I started working on the idea of supporting Amateur Microscopy via the emerging platform of the Internet. Poorly educated, I was  astounded by what I found out and I never stopped learning and encouraging others to take up a microscope and start looking at their world through it ever since. I bought a camera back then. It cost a small fortune: £800.00, I think. Not quite certain. The tape format was VHS-C Pal, 720 × 576 pixels. The internet in late 1995 was modem driven over normal phone lines. Slow. No huge pictures and converting video to a format to play in a page meant tons of work and errors to get a movie the size of a matchbox in the page. But we did it at Micscape. So, during 'lockdown' I started digitalising my old tapes. Why lose what you did because technology moves on?

One fine afternoon, I took my JVC camera out into the garden to film some flies which had landed on some dog poo. Phew, it was a hot day, and getting one's nose 6 to 12 inches from a freshly laid poo is not very pleasant. But I got some great shots of the little disease spreaders. And providing you are not about to eat a meal, you might enjoy watching a few sequences from the film?


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