A Gallery of British Ants by Robin Williams, UK

Myrmica ruginodis

Myrmica rubra, 5.5mm. Male
Family Formicidae

Lasius flavus

Myrmica scabrinodis

Editor's notes:

Robin Williams, who specialises in environmental photography, has lent some marvellous 35mm slides to Micscape.

Read Robin's article 'In Search of Knowledge' which describes his interest in British bees, wasps and ants and the booklets he has written on their identification.

The images above were scanned by the Micscape Editor from the 35mm original slides. Inevitably some losses in quality occur during scanning and in the compressed images required for the Web compared with the original slides.

Robin Williams can be contacted via the address in this article.

The images are Robin Williams / Vanellus and cannot be used commercially or redistributed without permission.



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