'Image Grabbing' at Plymouth

Report of a meeting at the home of Mike Morgan, UK

I was very pleased to welcome several members of the Kernow Microscopical Society to my laboratory. Particularly welcome were the two enthusiastic younger members of the society.

The meeting focused on the use of the video microscope and its use in conjunction with the computer.

The microscope used is a Russian-MBR1, attached to which is a JVC colour video camera.Via a VCR, this leads to a video capture card in the computer. (See footnotes for details).

Members provided their slides to be 'grabbed' under the microscope and these were taken into Adobe Photoshop.

The various steps to be taken in enhancing the image were then demonstrated, leading to the production of a hard copy of the image.

Other graphic programmes were demonstrated, such as Corel-Draw and Corel Photo-Paint, which may also be used to produce photographic quality images.

Some time was spent in explaining the advantages of the Internet in sharing the knowledge and expertise of members. The disk of a Micscape edition, kindly provided by Dave Walker, was most helpful with this and members were noticeably impressed.

I was delighted to hear, at the end of the meeting, that a re-visit was being considered.

A frequent complaint heard at meetings is the difficulty in obtaining stains and chemicals.

I must thank Philip Harris Scientific, who provided several of their latest short-form catalogues, for this meeting.

Thanks, also, are due to Trevor Tolputt, Publicity Officer for Kernow, who arranged the meeting at Plymouth. My wife, Christine, who provided the refreshments and my son, Paul, for his photographs of the meeting.

Trevor Tolputt, Publicity Officer of the Kernow Microscopical Society (seated) in discussion with Mike Morgan.

Mike Morgan (seated) gives a demonstration of image capture and manipulation for members of the Kernow group in Mike's home laboratory.

Mike Morgan making adjustments to the Russian MBR-1 microscope and video camera setup.


Details of the JVC camera may be obtained from :
Optovision, 12 Leeds Road, Ossett, West Yorkshire WF5 9QA.
Contact Roger Benson (Tel: 01924-277727)

The video capture card used was obtained from:
Vision Dynamics Ltd, 1 St Albans Road, Hemel Hempstead HP2 4XX.
Contact Mike Rippingale. (Tel: 01442 216 088) Email:
Post@vdynamic.demon.co.uk .

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Editor's note: click here for details and 1999 programme of the Kernow Microscopical Society.


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