Freshwater Invertebrates from the Iowa Great Lakes Region

by Charlie Drewes, Iowa, USA

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18 pages at A4 size with black and white illustrations.


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Photo of a living leech from a colour scan of a booklet page available on the author's web pages.


Micscape Editor's note: Charles Drewes, the author of this booklet, has kindly allowed Micscape to share it with our readers. The booklet is an excellent overview of some major invertebrate groups found in many other suitable freshwater bodies as well as the Iowa Great Lakes.
A colour version of this booklet in PowerPoint format (25Mbytes) and colour scans of each separate page as jpeg files are available
on the author's web pages (on the web site of Iowa State University), where a wide range of his other freshwater biology resources are available.

Comments to the author Charles Drewes are welcomed. The author's other contact details can be found on his web pages.

Related links: Iowa Lakeside Laboratory website. Author's note: Some of the summer biology courses at this station are recognized both nationally and internationally. In addition, there are Nature Photography and Sketching courses offered there.


Mirrored with the kind permission of the author Charles Drewes, in Micscape the monthly magazine of Microscopy-UK.


November 2003
Charles Drewes. All rights reserved.

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