Ten Years of Micscape - A Time For Reflection.


by Ian Walker.  UK.




Micscape is celebrating its 10th year this month, since I have nothing specific to write about this month but I have gone back over my articles right back to the beginning and selected some of my favourite pictures and added a few taken recently not seen before. I started writing articles for Micscape quite late in its history but even then I have counted 46 articles including this one. Some of the early contributors are sadly no longer writing for the magazine which is a great shame but it is very interesting to see how the articles have changed over the years and it is always important for the survival of any magazine that new people are encouraged to write, since [and speaking personally], I use layouts in my articles with a specific style so it is always interesting to see new methods, layouts, subjects etc. Ten years on the Internet is a long time for any magazine and it is a credit to those involved in running Micscape [actually a two man band] assembling the articles every month and keeping it all ticking over smoothly, many sites much younger than Micscape have come and gone. Let's hope Micscape lasts for at least the same time again but who can say what technology will be around then, we might not even recognise the Internet as we do now. It would be nice to see some fresh talent amongst more established contributors like myself and I would particularly like to see articles from young people of school age; there must be new input from all backgrounds, skill levels and age groups if the format is to remain healthy and not become too predictable.



Ascorbic acid crystals.

New image. 2005.


Urea crystals.


Reflected light - handheld scanner chip.


The little apple!

From the article 'Fun with Photoshop' Part II.


Prepared slide - edge anomalies with Volvox.

From the article 'The Strange And The Beautiful'.


Scale of sole fish attacked by fungus.

From the article 'The Strange And The Beautiful'.


'Mount Doom'.

From the article 'Strange New Worlds' Part I. February 2005.


From Plate XV. Rotifera, reversed image.

From the article, 'Hudson & Gosse: Rotifera'. May 2005.


Web droplets.

From the article 'A Walk In The Fog'. December 2002.



New images. 2005.


Cut stone.

From the article 'Fun with Photoshop' Part II.



New image, effects using Photoshop. 2005.



From the article 'Polarizing Microscope' Part II.


Luminous flowers.

From the article 'Fun with Photoshop' Part I.


Slide anomaly looking like an inter-galactic bird!

From 'Strange New Worlds' Part II. June 2005.



From the article 'Fun with Photoshop' Part I.



From 'Walks in the Woods'. 2002.



New image from Fuji  DSLR and Nikon 105mm Macro lens. 2005.


Late in season small copper butterfly.

New image from Fuji DSLR and Nikon 105mm Macro lens. 2005.


Peacock butterfly.

The very first article 'Nikon 4500 Digital Camera', still one of my favourite shots.



From the article 'Autumn Colours with Fuji S2 and Nikon 4500'. October 2003.


Spooky lake.

New image, effects using Photoshop. 2005


Deep Sky.

New image, effects using Photoshop. 2005.


Sunset cottages.

From the article 'South Pennine Landscapes'. August 2004.


the end.

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