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Black Dragon Pearl

Origin: China

This fragrant and rare hand-rolled tippy black tea from the Yunnan province unfurls to release a smooth-bodied taste with sweet, chocolaty and malty undertones.


Lapsang Souchong

Origin: China

Tea artisans in China's Fujian provence wither, then dry tea leaves in bamboo baskets over smoking cypress or pine wood fires to create this distinctive "campfire" flavor which is bold, assertive, full-bodied with a dominantly smoky, earthy taste and a subtle forest-y aroma.




Dragon Well

Origin: China

China's most famous gree tea comes from the Zhejiang Province where a local well was believed to be the lair of a fierce dragon. Laboriously flat-fried by hand, one batch at a time, to yield its trademark sword blade shaped leaves. Smooth-textured, light-bodied, with grassy notes, a delicately bittersweet finish, and has aromas of roasted-chestnuts.


Jasmine Pearls

Origin: China

Hand-rolled Dragon Pearl tea, made with only the most tender tea leaves and downy buds, is repeatedly mixed with fresh jasmine blossoms until infused with flavor and fragrance. Intoxicating orchid-like aronas with hints of honeysuckle has a light-bodied taste with green tea noses and a sweet finish.



Origin: Japan

Vividly green, this tea combines stone-ground matcha green tea powder and genmai (roasted rice). Smooth, creamy texture, and medium-bodied this tea is sweet and has flavors of brown rice and roasted nuts with an pleasant aroma of marine and sesame, making this an extremely popular tea in Japan.





Rose Oolong

Origin: China

Mild, balanced oolong from Anxi in China's Fujian province a delicate backdrop for fragrant dried rose petals. Separately processed, they come together in a graceful, golden-brown cup making a light-bodied tea with citrus notes and floral fragrants.


Ti Guan Yin

Origin: Taiwan

Named for the Buddhist deity Guan Yin ("The Iron Goddess of Mercy") this most famous of all oolongs comes originally from China's Fujian province and has many of green tea's properties. Silky texture, refreshing taste that lingers with very floral/fruity notes, and has aromas of orchids.




Snow Peak Downy Tips

Origin: China

These exceptional white tea leaves, cultivated in the famous 'garden of peaches,' are showered in the spring with fragrant red peach blossom petals, lending a rare and delicate flavor.


Moonlight White

Origin: China

Each spring, harvesters pluck only the top two leaves and one bud from China's Yunnan Province Da Yeh tea tree varietal to create this rare white tea. A sweet light-bodied liquor contains the flavors and fragrances of ripe melon and honeysuckle flowers.