Why fruit?

I chose fruit as my subject because I wanted to show fruit in a way you would not normally see it. We eat and use fruit in our daily lives but have you ever just stopped to look at the structure of an avocado or pomegranate? One of the main characteristics I wanted to express with each fruit was the complexity of its seeds. Using high magnifications you can start to see how different the seeds are both on the inside and the outside of fruits.


Setup: Using a digital SLR camera, I have taken a series of photographs that include overviews, cross sections and highly magnified views of eight different fruits. To capture images with high magnifications I used a camera and bellows system. A few different lighting systems were used including: top/side lighting and trans-illumination (light transmitted from beneath the subject).

Grayce Scott

All photographs were taken as part of a final project for my Photomacrography class. If you have any questions or comment about any of my photographs feel free to contact me or my professor Michael Peres.