Spike's Gallery
5. A Selection of Images of Subjects from the Material World

  By Spike Walker, UK.


Editor's note: Spike Walker, a well known and award winning British photomicrographer, has kindly suggested that Micscape can share a selection of images from his extensive portfolio.

The image selection from the CD supplied, resizing and captions (based on Spike's image names and email notes) was by David Walker, web page style by Ian Walker as used in Spike's Gallery 1 , Gallery 2 , Gallery 3 and Gallery 4.

On Youtube.com there are some videos of interviews with Spike, including a video 'Spike Walker on Photomicrography' where he describes how his interest in microscopy started and developed, filmed in his home 'den'.

This month's gallery theme is the material world. both manmade and natural.


Carbon fibres - epi Rheinberg


Hard water scale. Spike remarks: The hard water scale has formed on one of the balls of s/s wire intended to prevent its deposition on the inside of the kettle!


High phosphate slag - polar


Intel chip using Luminar objective


Nylon stocking - polar


Phone card chip - epi Rheinberg


Granular copper ore. Epi-darkfield, 14 stacks with 4/0.10 Epiplan HD objective.
Horizontal field width 4 mm.


Stainless steel mesh - epi Rheinberg


Willow pattern on china. Spike remarks: The willow pattern photo is of a shard I dug up in the garden.


Worn LP - epi DIC


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Images  M I Walker and must not be used without permission of the author.
All rights reserved.

The author's website www.the-ultraphot-shop.org.uk provides resources and spares for the Zeiss Ultraphot range.

Via  'Microworld Services', Spike Walker is a consultant microscopist and photomicrographer.
Please contact the author via e-mail above for details.


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