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For most people who own a microscope, the subject of studying freshwater life will already have been entered into. Maybe such microscopists look at life in ponds and rivers in a kind of casual way but lack the knowledge to go a few steps deeper... if you will excuse the pun.

Tony Pattinson's book fulfills this aspect admirably. He takes us on a steady, easy-to-understand and clear journey where we learn about the best ways of collecting samples and the best ways of looking at them as is, or by preserving them through carefully explained methods.

Although the book does not enter into any real discussion about the numerous life forms to be found in freshwater, anyone reading the cleanly laid out text and images will learn quickly how to become an experienced freshwater micro-observer.

Tony Pattinson, the author, also discusses his hobby, sharing his love of his collection of microscopes and he offers tips and suggestions of value on how to keep costs down. I believe the book would make an excellent companion to my own small work: Microscopy in the 21st Century, where both books would set a complete beginner on an incredibly rich and rewarding journey.


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Tony's book is available in both Paperback and Hardback.
With colour photographs and cleanly presented details.

Clear explanations. Great cost saving tips. Value for money. 112 pages.

Colour images. Friendly and informal.

Verdict? Highly recommended!

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Mol Smith

Although much of the information in the book is common knowledge to most seasoned microscopists, I believe the author's approach and style make his explanations of slide mounting and slide ringing an ideal tutorial for the beginner or for someone already looking at freshwater living samples who requires an understanding of how to preserve the forms for viewing later.

His measured enthusiasm is also a plus as he clearly loves this pursuit which I believe helps to promote other people to encounter microscopy as a pastime and hobby.


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