Reflected and Transmission Macrophotography With Coolpix 990 Camera Using 35 mm Camera Macro-equipment and Lenses

by Vishnu Reddy, Alabama, USA

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Fig 29. Ornament 50 mm macro lens, tungsten light (3200 k).

Fig 30. Microscope slide skin tumor. 38 mm macro lens (light box).

Fig 31. Microscope slide Gout specimen. 38 mm macro lens (light box).

Fig 32. Microscope slide testicular tumor (lymphoma).  38 mm macro lens (light box).

Fig 33. Microscope slide testicular tumor (lymphoma). 12.5 mm macro lens (light box).

Fig 34. Penny reflected tungsten light. 12.5 mm macro lens.

Fig 35. Metal screw reflected tungsten light. 38 mm macro lens.

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Vishnu V. B Reddy, MD.
University of Alabama Medical Center
Birmingham, AL

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