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Issue 58: August 2000. Next update September 13th.

(Image left: The Wild M20. In this month's issue, an owner shares his enthusiasm for this elegant Swiss microscope. Image by Paul James.)


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News items added (see below):

Digital Microscopy Workshop, Oxford University, October 6th.

Quekett Microscopical Club Millennium Exhibition, London, October 7th.


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The Wild M20 microscope - a look at a quality Swiss instrument from the 1950's - Paul James, UK owns an example of this elegant microscope equipped with phase contrast and shares his enthusiasm for this model.

Catalogue and book browsing - Richard Howey, USA confesses to a lifelong addiction; but one shared and enjoyed by many other naturalists and microscopists!

In praise of blackflies - Insects we love to hate, especially at this time of year? But Bill Amos, USA explores fascinating aspects of their structure and life history.

A journey of 7 000 km to the North Cape, Norway - M. Halit Umar, the Netherlands shares his experiences of a once in a lifetime journey to the northernmost tip of Europe. Describing aspects of the fauna and flora in the wider context of the interesting places the traveller can see in this area.

Critter grabber - Thomas Aungst, USA describes a simple but effective device for transferring microscopic organisms.

Can you help identify these two unusual microscopes? - Bill Clarke invites Micscape readers' help with two further microscopes from the collection of the Restigouche Regional Museum, Canada.

Darkfield illumination and the digital camera - Howard Webb, USA shares some experiences, tips and examples of using a 'digicam' for photomicrography in darkfield.

Micscape Topical Tips - Chuck Huck, USA passes on some of his practical tips for the microscopy hobbyist.

30 grams of microscope please! - Martin Mach, Germany looks at some small portable microscope designs of the late 19th century and how they perform.

A tardigrade from Scotland - Bill Ells, UK spots an interesting tardigrade from Scotland in the process of moulting on his microscope slide.

Lights, camera, action! - By using readily available time-lapse software with existing image capture hardware, time-lapse video sequences down the microscope can be captured. Dave Walker, UK shares his early trials and frustrations!


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News - special notices - misc.

The Quekett Microscopical Club's annual exhibition is one of the highlights of the microscopist's year. This year the exhibition celebrates 'the Millennium and the history of the Club over its 135-year life. The displays will feature important events and changes in light microscopy during this period.' Click here for details. (Thank you to Tony Jarratt for providing this information).

A Digital Microscopy Workshop is being held at Oxford University, UK on Friday, October 6 which will feature seminars and practical sessions in digital microscopy. There will be a range of Nikon microscopes and digital imaging devices and the opportunity to compare different quality optics. Epson will also provide a range of photorealistic printers. The course is designed for the microscopist interested in exploring digital microscopy. There will be sessions on the basics of digital imaging, image editing with Adobe Photoshop and telemicroscopy. Talks will be presented by members of the Clinical Laboratory Sciences Department.
Further details are available either by e-mailing Dr Joel Leong at
drjoel@cryogen.com or visiting the website http://www.ndp.ox.ac.uk/ndcls/news.htm .
(Thank you to Dr Leong for providing this information).

The details of the
'Practical Microscopy' course to be held at Belstead House, Ipswich, UK in Aug/Sep this year have changed. Please
click here for details.

The Reading Microscopical Society's info' page has been updated. It now includes this years meeting programme. Click here for details.

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