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Issue 94: August 2003.
Next update September 13th.

A froglet less than half an inch in size bathes in the UK sunshine on the photographer's garden pond. Image by Ian Walker.

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Issue 94 - August 2003 : Articles this month

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The small house spider, Badumna longinqua - Paul Hampshire (Australia) shows some interesting features of a common spider on the microscopic scale.

A close-up view of the common wild flower chicoryBrian Johnston (Canada) shows that there is plenty to explore on the macroscopic and microscopic level of flora we often take for granted. The 'Cool light' LED ring light for the Coolpix digicam is used to good effect.

Design considerations for the ideal K÷hler illuminator. The white LED as a microscope illuminantJohn Walsh (Australia) provides a valuable overview of this topic and shows a practical design for a lamp, illustrated with typical results.

Plant sections in brightfield and polarised lightIan Walker (UK) shares an attractive gallery of images of prepared slides taken using a Nikon Coolpix 4500.

Size is a relative thingRon Neumeyer (Canada) describes and illustrates a useful way of inserting scale bars into a digital image using readily available software.

My favourite flower: the scarlet pimpernelPaul James (UK) explores on the macroscopic scale the attractive features of an increasingly less common wild flower.

Safe microscopical reagents for amateurs. Mounting microscopic subjects. Part 4 -Glycerine jellies. Part 5 - Mountant summaryWalter Dioni (Mexico) concludes his series on safe and accessible reagents for enthusiasts, by discussing mountants based on glycerine jelly. He also chooses the best mountants for given subjects from those he has discussed in the series.

Heath, hedgerows and ponds in the English summertime - Ian Walker (UK) shares images and notes on some of the insects and amphibians in his north of England garden and nearby countryside in midsummer.

Trials using an external zoom digicam (Sony S75) on a microscope with a reversed SLR lens as a relay lensExternal zoom digicams with large diameter lenses are becoming increasingly popular, but can prove tricky for photomicroscopy, both optically and mechanically. Dave Walker (UK) assesses one cheap but effective relay lens with a typical digicam of this design.

Topical news August 15th: BBC News web site 'Microbe breaks temperature record' - it lives in hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor at 121░C!


In Focus: Two online microscopy publications:
Modern Microscopy Journal is a new 'periodic online journal' published by the world renowned McCrone Group. Includes articles and practical projects by leaders in the field. Current articles include a fascinating look at the use and history of the Michel-LÚvy interference chart by John Delly.

Microscopy Today the well known paper journal covering many aspects of microscopy (published by the Microscopy Society of America), is offering downloadable online archives in pdf format of complete past issues.

We are delighted to receive contributions small or large from microscopy enthusiasts whether a novice or expert. If you have an image, tip or article, why not share it, this magazine is what you make it! Have a chat with us, to see how we can help share your interests.

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