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Issue 232 : August 2015   (ISSN 1365 - 070x)     Monthly, next issue September 13th 2015.

Image of a homemade papered slide
 by Richard Howey.

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Papered, bone and other exotic slides: A bit of history, Part 3 - Richard Howey (USA) continues his series where he discusses and illustrates how to make our own papered slides.

Cross-polarization in epi-illumination on the Amscope metallurgical trinocular microscope - Prompted by a reader's query on his review of this microscope last month, Michael Reese Much (USA) assesses this model's capability for epi-polarisation studies. PDF

Systematic observation for beginners - Dale Jeffrey (Canada) discusses the value of visual and drawing studies of subjects in addition to taking photographs.

Photobacterium: An outstanding species of bacterium, but have you ever heard of them? - A species of bacterium Photobacterium phosphoreum formed a key role in an episode of the TV programme 'Bones'. Alejandro Arriel Garcia Arriaga (Mexico) explores the nature of this real bacterium. PDF

Optical staining, part 3. Rheinberg illumination DIY filters - Alejandro Arriel Garcia Arriaga (Mexico) continues his series on optical staining and shows how to try this popular technique. PDF

The Touptek Toupcam microscope camera LCMOS14000KPA - Robert Pavlis (USA) reviews the features and performance of the 14 Mpixel colour model in this popular range of cameras. PDF

A note on a technique: Staining glass sponge fibers - Richard Howey (USA) explores whether silica based subjects can be dyed to improve the visibility of their structure.

Exploring the use of a cheap Peltier plate (e.g. TEC1-12706, £2-50) for cooling (or heating) subjects studied under the compound or stereo microscope - David Walker (UK)

The microscopical study of finely ground carbon suspended in uncovered alcohol as first reported by Jan Ingenhousz in 1784 - Presents results of a similar study with videos. Do such simple experiments confirm that his own explanation of the particle motion was correct i.e. caused by evaporation currents and not the widespread modern reinterpretation as Brownian motion to give Ingenhousz priority over Brown? David Walker (UK)


We are delighted to receive contributions small or large from microscopy enthusiasts whether a novice or expert. If you have an image, tip or article, why not share it, this magazine is what you make it!

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External links. Below are some of our favourites, which includes sites with extensive links and/or resources for the optical microscopy enthusiast.

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Leitz museum an illustrated resource compiled by Robert Allen
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G. Couger's microscopy links extensive links
Lens On Leeuwenhoek - extensive resource online by Douglas Anderson
Collected Letters of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek ('Alle de Brieven ..') transcribed and free online at DBNL.
A Cabinet of Curiosities a resource on Victorian microscope slides by Howard Lynk
www.viewsfromscience.com projects by Ely Silk e.g. chilled stage for crystal growth studies and LED fluorescence
'Diatoms Ireland' resource by Leszek Wolnik
Historical makers of microscopes and microscope slides Brian Stevenson's extensive resource .
Victorian slide makers
Cambridge rocking microtome resources including manual
www.willemsmicroscope.com Dutch enthusiast Willem Cramer's website

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