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Issue 34: August 1998
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Image right: type slide of foraminifera prepared by Brian Darnton, UK. Each square is only ca. 1.2mm across!
Image by Dave Walker

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Articles this Month
Feature packed late summer issue!

Microscopists and naturalists all over the world share their passion for the 'miniature' world

Image of the Month - an SEM image showing the remarkable surface detail preserved in a very old leaf, check it out to see how old! Sea squirts - our distant cousins - a beautifully illustrated article on these intriguing marine organisms. With the UFO (unidentified floating object) from last month identified.
Can you help? - with info' on this attractive microscope inscribed 'Ch. Bianchetti and Cie' of Marseille. Cigarette and Tea cards - fascinating old sets depicting microscopic life.
Finding the recent chalk makers - going on a sea-side holiday? Here's a guide to where to hunt for beautiful micro-fossils on a beach, and the sort of coastline to look for. Pseudo-microscopes - A personal view on what to look for in a beginners microscope ... and what to avoid!
Foraminifera sand - an introduction to 'forams', with a look at a world famous sand from 'Dog's Bay', Ireland. (Reprint from the Newsletter of the Manchester Microscopical and Natural History Society). It's fun finding out - there's always something new to study and learn about, an amateur shares his enthusiasm.
Sponge spicules - are attractive, delicate siliceous objects. Illustrated with images of painstakingly arranged microslides. Suctoria, ciliates in disguise - a fascinating protozoan with an enormous appetite for other protozoans! 
The Quekett Microscopical Club's trip to Epping Forest - an interesting report of the Club's pond-dipping excursion in June with beautiful illustrations of some of the 'catch'. Ron's Image Gallery - (external link) a selection of images on the 'Light Microscopy Forum', showing some historical aspects of microscope development.
Insect Insights - the lacewing, the 'delicate destroyer'. A chance find provides a few hours viewing pleasure. This could be yours! We are delighted to receive contributions small or large, from novice to expert! If you have an image, tip or article, why not share it, this magazine is what you make it! Have a chat with us, to see how we can help share your work.

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