This is a Microscopy-UK / Micscape mirror of a resource kindly offered by Andrew Davidhazy II and Martin Scott.
The booklet can be enjoyed online with each image clickable to offer a larger image.
A downloadable Acrobat pdf version is available here created by Maurice Smith from the master scanned tiff files provided by Andrew.


This is a reprint of a gem of an instructional manual that hopefully will be of use to teachers and students alike
in spite of the fact that it was written many years ago. Basics don't change much over the years and this little
booklet is a wonderful introduction to the microscope and its applications.
Besides basic theory and operation there are included many experiments
to interest and challenge beginners and even advanced microscopists.

This booklet came from the personal collection of Mr. Martin Scott who provided his copy to make it
available by this means to the larger community. Sitting in a drawer it does not do much good to anyone.
It is hoped that by this means more interested individuals will benefit from its availabiliy.

To view a given page in a larger size just click on the page and a larger version will appear in a new window.
This larger sized image of the page you can then simply view or print out individually.

pages 30-31

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