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Exploring the miniature world
 Issue 74: December 2001.
Next update January 13th.

Image of a Vickers Patholette microscope by Paul James. See article below.
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The Vickers Patholette Microscope by Paul James, UK.

The classic '1200 times' microscope revisited by Guido Santacana, Puerto Rico.

Emergency kit of things to see or: What can I see with my new microscope? by Jean-Marie Cavanihac. France.

An interesting amoeba by Mike Morgan, UK.

Adapting an Olympus C-2040z digicam to a compound microscope by David Young, USA.

Tillina - canals inside a comma by Rosemarie Arbur, USA.

A flatbed catalog by Richard Howey, USA.

... and a few from past issues which hope are of interest:

'The smallest page on the web' (Sep.98) by Wim van Egmond, The Netherlands.

The garden spider (Nov.97) Why it doesn't get stuck in its own web, by Ben Prins, The Netherlands.

Photographing snowflakes (Feb.00) by Ed Kinsman, USA 

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