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Who Am I?
I am the co-founder of Miscape Magazine and Mic-uk. You dont hear a lot about me but I'm the guy behind the scenes ensuring it all works. My name is Mol which is a nickname for Maurice. Full name is Maurice Smith. I started all this with Dave Walker back in 1995. It was (and still is) a benevolent action to help what I saw back then as a hobby interest in Science which existed in a few small clubs but was entirely unsupported on the developing internet. Phew! What a journey!

Over eight years work. Thousands of pages of resources, contributed to freely by people around the world. Alas, I still have to pay the bills to keep so much information alive and easily accessible on the web. More than this...

Why help?
I want to develop the site further. The internet is changing, getting faster, moving into a future where each site will be like a TV channel, pumping out content in video form streaming across the web to your homes and schools. I also want to keep the bills paid for what we all see today on this site and I would like to try and help those people contributing material freely to get better equipment and support for their interest which they so freely and unselfishly share with the rest of us 200,000 people. If either Dave or I die or just get too old to continue, the site will die too. The way to ensure it survives into the future is with money and reorganisation so that if one of us is unable to continue, we can pay some bright young men or women to carry on. I therefore want to try in the next few years to restructure our presence so that it is not so dependent on us two people. We work for love alone but I cant expect others to follow us on that basis.

Donate a little
I am not rich. I just get by, like you! But I do spend some (quite a bit) of my income financing this site to ensure it competes and florishes on the internet. I would like you to help me. I want to ask you to contribute a few dollars or pounds to help finance this work and to help me pay for its cost and to develop it further. If possible, I would love it if you could do this on a regular basis. If you cant afford to give regularly, give once, please, and do it today rather than tomorrow.

If you help me, I can use the money to help everyone who enjoys this site. Its that simple! If you click the button below, you will be able to donate a small amount ($5.00), or more if you wish by altering the quantity from 1 to a multiple of ($5.00) in the screen you will be taken to. All donations are secure! They will arrive at our holding company which was set up to protect the interests and copyrights of our contributors. Donations are used to help towards paying our rising costs and to enable Microscopy-UK resources to flourish.

Subscribe to give maximum support
Alternatively, you can set up a voluntary subscription of 5.00 uk pounds every 3 months. This would help us more but you may not be able to afford this?
Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime by coming back to this page and clicking on the cancel button.
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Please do not donate or subscribe unless you can afford to. You are welcome here at Microscopy UK if you donate or not, but your help would be greatly appreciated. Its a good site isn't it? Its good because everyone involved put themselves second to the greater good of keeping something of worth alive. Now how about you helping a little too. Breath some of your life into this project. Thank you.

Mol Smith.
(Coordinator for Microscopy-UK and co-founder of Micscape Magazine)

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Note: A few people have emailed to ask if they can send a cheque. Yes, please send us anything you like if you think it will help us maintain funds to manage and develop the web presence further. (No unwanted pets though please!)

Cheques should be made out to Onview.net Ltd (it was set up to help fund and protect Micscape and Mic-Uk interests) and posted to Maurice Smith, Onview.net Ltd, 4A Oxford Road, Wallington, Surrey. SM6 8SJ . England. (Small donations only please. You are no wealthier than us and a little from many helps more than lots from one as well as spreading the load a bit).

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