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Issue 16  -  February 1997

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Index to Micscape Issue  16 - February 1997 


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Regulars: News, Hotsites, Factfile are not available for a specific month as they were continually updated.

(A page compiling the Topsite's chosen between April 1996 and February 1997 is here.)

Notes for the novice Guidelines on buying a microscope

Image of the month Old microscope slides


House dustmites, a new SEM study not available. See website http://www.micropix.demon.co.uk

Dustmites (or dustmates?) A fun and racy version for Valentine's Day

Chat up strategies in the insect and spider world

Chemicals that cause excitement Pheromones, plus the veromonasal organ - do we have a sixth sense?

Samworth's Snippets Sperm shapes, snowflakes

Electronic Flash System for Photomicrography

A Microscopist's Book Collection

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