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Issue 28: February 1998
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Derived image of Vitamin C between crossed polars © Mike Samworth

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Our biggest issue ever
How do we do it ... a desire to share our passion for the miniature world!

Articles this Month

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How to make money from your hobby(article one)
- making a professional picture
Growth of a starfish
- the fascinating stages in the development of an Echinoderm
Simple 'top lighting' with a compound microscope
- or how to study subjects you can't get light through!
Marly's Micronauts (Link to author's own web site)
- making a single lens microscope using beads of water or superglue!
A history lesson on cross polars
- how Polaroid was developed, with stunning image of Vitamin C
'Tears of a swan'
- Lacrymaria olor, the 'giraffe' of the protozoan world!
The rotifer jaw - a look at the jaws of the rotifer Brachionus
A sideways look at - identifying those 'little beasties' to species
- an irreverent look at one of the frustrations for the microscopist
Image of the month
-Garden Spider jaws between crossed polars
Notes on the desmid Euastrum crassum
- desmids are attractive algae
What were those minute mystery objects on a fly's leg shown last month? 
- but the probable answer is even more mysterious!


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