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 Issue 69: July 2001.
Next update August 13th.

 Image above of the protozoan Euplotes stained by the silverline technique to highlight detail.
See article by Richard Howey.

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Water immersion caps for pond water microscopy by Ted Clarke, USA

The Zeiss Photomicroscope I by Paul James, UK

How to study a pair of mecia: Part III by Richard Howey, USA

Topical tips 6 - field/portable microscopes, containers, pipette cleaning by Chuck Huck, USA

An illustration of different lighting techniques by David Young, USA

From the library: The mag is slimmer this month with hobbyists on their hols. So here's a selection of past articles on freshwater and field microscopy.

Pond fairies - Dec.97. The freshwater bryozoa Plumatella repens by Maurice Smith and Ken Jones (UK)

'The smallest page on the web' - Sep.98. A suite of pages illustrating some common microscopic aquatic organisms by Wim van Egmond (The Netherlands)

Nikon Model H - Jul.97. The ultimate field microscope by Bill Amos (US)

Microscopy on the move - Apr.97. Using a portable microscope away from home by Dave Walker (UK) 

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