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Issue 45: July 1999. Next update August 13th.


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Image right: a trichinoscope (made by PZO, Poland)
for examining meat for Trichinella infections.
Image by Mike Dingley.

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Trichinoscopes - an illustrated look at interesting microscope designs for checking meat for Trichinella infections. By Mike Dingley, Australia. Microscope diary - Thomas Aungst, US shares some attractively illustrated pages from his diary of microscopy studies.
Adapting the Open University portable microscope for use with a white LED light source - white light LED's are proving to be excellent compact light sources for the microscope. Brian Darnton, UK describes a useful project to adapt the OU microscope. Old slides have interesting tales to tell - a case example - an old slide prepared by a Thaddeus Up de Graff led Barry Miller, US into a fascinating search for information about this 19th century gentleman.
Silverizing 'forams' - silver staining foraminifera enables the detail of these beautiful organisms to be seen more clearly. Plus notes on making micro-forceps and micro-needles to handle 'forams'. By Richard Howey, US. Observation tank for examining microscopic life forms from freshwater habitats - a practical project for making a thin section tank for studying microscopic life in situ. By Thomas Aungst, US.
The giant water flea Leptodora kindtii - Wim van Egmond, Netherlands finds one of these aquatic giants and shares some observations and stunning images. Summer rain - a celebration of rain and its rejuvenating effect on nature's wonders both small and large. By Bill Amos, US.
Image gallery: mouthparts of a blowfly - this is a classic and demanding subject for the microscope, attractively photographed by Bill Ells, UK. Microscope query: can you help date this Baker stereomicroscope: - a reader would like help dating this microscope from a well known British maker. By Anni Kappi, Finland.
Pollen - summer is a good time to investigate the flower pollen of your local plants. Dave Walker looks at the flowers in his UK garden. A mid-month update in the June issue included here in case some readers missed it. The Castle of Ambras and the smaller shells found in it's grounds. By Helmut Nisters, Austria.

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