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 Issue 77: March 2002.
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Image above by Aaron Messing: Feeling itchy? This little critter may not be too far away right now. 
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'Ribbon' threads in the webs of brown spiders (Loxosceles spp.) - Eduardo Ramires (Brazil) describes an intriguing form of spider silk which is extruded by species of this genus. Illustrated with scanning electron photomicrographs.

A day after the rain - Daigo Kamada (Paraguay) shares his enthusiasm for the microscopic wonders in a pond when he first encounters the fascinating organism Vorticella.

A measuring method for microscopic organisms - Chitchai Chantangsi (Thailand) explains a straightforward method for accurately measuring the size of microscopic organisms.

Microscopy on a shoestring - David Bull (UK) shows how a versatile stereo and compound microscope set-up with image capture can be assembled when on a budget.

Image gallery: Demodex mite - A selection of images of this intriguing mite which lives on humans. A simple collecting method is also described. By Aaron Messing (USA).

'It's an ill wind': A look at the winter shore - Brian Darnton (UK) looks at the marine organisms that can be found on the seaweeds uprooted after bad weather. Illustrations by Jan Parmentier (The Netherlands).

A home made flash device for a Nikon Skt microscope - Bill Ells (UK) shares a useful design of electronic flash light for the microscope which would also be suitable for other microscope models.

Image gallery: Images captured with an Olympus C-2040z digicam on a microscope - David Young (USA) presents some images of the intriguing detail of insects captured using his homemade camera adaptor and digicam.

Microfauna of concrete blocks - Guido Santacana (Puerto Rico) shows how even the most unlikely habitats have creatures that are worth studying under the microscope. 

Oil immersion objectives - Paul James (UK) provides a useful introduction to these objectives with his thoughts on their pros and cons.

Well slides - Jean-Marie Cavanihac (France) presents a number of practical designs for making cavity slides to study microscopic organisms.

Water flea anatomy - Wim van Egmond (The Netherlands) has compiled a fun interactive visual guide to this fascinating inhabitant of most ponds.

Crystals and polarization: A few additional thoughts - Richard Howey (USA) provides a valuable list of chemicals that can be found around the home which are fascinating to study between crossed polarisation filters.

Crystal image gallery II - Jim Evarts (USA) shows how experimenting with just one chemical can create a variety of beautiful images in polarized light.

Microscopy links - compiled by Gordon Couger (USA). An updated set of microscopy web sites; the new links this month have an emphasis on practical histology links. Suggestions for sites to add are welcomed.


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