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Issue 29: March 1998
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Seven spot ladybird

A parasitoid wasp threatens the seven spot ladybird in Scotland
Image © Irene Geoghegan

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The search for knowledge
- an amateur naturalist describes his interest in gall wasps, bees and ants
Parasitoid wasp threatens Scottish seven spot ladybird
- with potential effects on agriculture and horticulture
A legacy of microscopy for kids
- a fascinating look at older toy microscope sets
A Nightmare on MicStreet IV
- head lice, a stimulating look at a serious topic!
Water droplet microscopes
- an historical look at their description and use
How fast is an amoeba?
- a summary of an interesting chat prompted by an email query
Brochosomes - tiny objects excreted by leafhoppers. A challenge for the amateur?
- a summary of responses to our January 'Image of the Month' enquiry
Image of the month
- the rotifer Brachionus rubens
The 'crabs'
- the crab louse and how it's designed for it's favourite 'home'!!
Build your own SEM for 600 dollars (No longer available .. April Fool'sDay spoof).
- Intrigued, then read further!
Inside a computer hard disk drive
- a macro' and microscopic tour to show some marvels of miniaturisation


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