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Issue 103: May 2004.
Next update June 13th.

Images show neat designs for LED based microscope lamps made by Ian Walker. L to R: 1) battery operated power supply, 2) centrable base lamp with field iris e.g. for LOMO Biolam built using old enlarger lens and 3) lamp made from old eyepiece for a microscope with a gimbal mirror mount.


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LED illumination for microscopes - Ian Walker (UK) shows how cheap and effective LED lamps can be made from items such as spare eyepieces or old enlarger lenses.

Venus's girdle - Bill Amos (USA) shares his enthusiasm for the beautiful marine organisms called ctenophores or comb jellies, in particular the genus Cestum.

A gallery of irreplaceable photomicrographs. Melt specimens of thioacetamide, testosterone and liquid crystal illuminated by polarized light - Brian Johnston (Canada) shares some stunning images of crystals he photographed some years ago with observations how some prepared slides of crystals can change with time.

Some stains for amateur microscopy - Traditional stains are becoming increasingly difficult for the enthusiast to obtain. Walter Dioni (Mexico) describes his experiments with some easily accessible food dyes which he has successfully used for staining microorganisms and other subjects.

COL's renditioning of blood - Paul James (UK) shares some striking images of blood using circular oblique illumination with notes on how they were created.

Examples of the animation of macroscopy and microscopy subjects using sequential jpeg images - David Walker (UK) presents some animations using jpeg files rather than video clips or animated gifs with tips for making them. Animation examples include a 'tour' around a topaz crystal and the classic demonstrations of birefringence with iceland spar.

Editor's note: The summer Micscape issues are traditionally slimmer with enthusiasts out and about exploring the world of nature. Why not have a gentle stroll around the Micropolitan Museum, which celebrates many of the wonders of the microscopic world. It was produced by and showcases Wim van Egmond's stunning photography.
Or read Frithjof Sterrenburg's online 'Microscopy Primer', an eight chapter overview of optical microscopy which can be downloaded for offline reading.


In focus: www.amateurmicrography.net - "An online bulletin board community dedicated to amateur microscopy, photomicrography, and photomacrography." This exciting new website is beautifully presented and with a growing range of valuable resources; these include forums for discussions/sharing tips and queries, image hosting and articles. I particularly liked the article by Tom Webster, entitled 'The world's best microscope' which certainly struck a chord from my own experiences as a fellow microscopy enthusiast.  David Walker

We are delighted to receive contributions small or large from microscopy enthusiasts whether a novice or expert. If you have an image, tip or article, why not share it, this magazine is what you make it! Have a chat with us, to see how we can help share your interests.

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    Information on the Reading Microscopical Society (UK) and the 2003/2004 programme can be
    read here. Details kindly supplied by Kit Brownlee.
    The well known Frank Rowntree Meeting hosted by the Leeds Microscopical Society will take place on Sat. June 5th 2004. The meeting includes a lecture by Dr. Peter Evennett on Abbe's diffraction experiments. E-mail
    Mike Smith for details and who kindly supplied this information.
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