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Issue 19 - May 1997

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Index to Micscape Issue 19 - May 1997

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Report on the 'Quekett Club' Midlands (UK) Meeting

Microscopy in Holland The Dutch Microscopy Society and its revival 

Mammalian hair Looking at hair damage under the microscope

Slide Mounting Made Easy - Loctite Using a glass bond glue to make permanent mounts 

On the desmid new to Britain Further notes on the article on the article in Micscape April 1997.

Microscopy around the home Coins, mouldy oranges, woodlouse, fairy flies - the world's tiniest insect?

Didinium - a master feeder A protozoan with attitude! 

Samworth's snippets - salty snippet The effect of salt on onion cells, an easy 'on the microslide' experiment

Image of the month Fish tail of a Ruffe by DIC.

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