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Issue 31: May 1998
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Fly proboscis

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Image of fly proboscis derived from an image

Articles this Month

Desmids and other algae : primary producers in the food chain - desmids are attractive algae Classification of living things - it's history, methods and difficulties
Bats and their droppings!
- a Micscape Epic tale with Vanessa and Larry (Timed to coincide with 'National Bat Week' in the UK)
Fly proboscis - a look at a classic subject for the microscope
'Five Kingdoms - an Illustrated Guide to the Phyla of Life on Earth' - review of the recent 3rd edition of this popular book Comb jellies - beautiful marine organisms
A little gem - 'The Observer's Guide to Pond Life' by John Clegg - a book that started many on a lifelong interest Image of the month - a gallery of four British ants


Also take time to visit the new 'Light Microscopy Forum' set up by Ron Neumeyer,
a Micscape contributor. The forum discusses all aspects of the optical microscope and associated techniques.


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