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Exploring the miniature world
 Issue 67: May 2001.
Next update June 13th.

Image above: Drone fly eye cornea. Detail from an image by Paul James using a 7x objective, with a 40x phase ring to form the dark-field illumination.

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Snow crystal photography Ted Kinsman (USA) shares his practical experiences of collecting snow crystals and photographing them using a microscope. Illustrated with splendid examples of his images.

Investigation of the red mangrove-tree crab using the computer scanner and the Intelplay QX3 microscope Hugh Mitchell-Tapping (USA) describes and illustrates the macro and microscopic features of a common inhabitant of SW Florida mangroves. 

Flowers of the sea: Bryozoans and cnidarians A look at the microscopic features of these intriguing marine organisms; includes wonderful video clips. By Jean-Marie Cavanihac (France). 

How to look at a pair of mecia: Part one The first of a three part series by Richard Howey (USA) on the many fascinating aspects of paramecia and how to study them with a variety of techniques. 

Video gallery - Thrilling water bears Martin Mach (Germany) shows two high quality video clips of delightful water bear species using bright-field and dark-field illumination.

'I-21': Reflections on the fauna and flora of rock wall highways Bill Amos (USA) shares his enthusiasm for the thoroughfares and habitats created by dry stone walls; a common feature around his Vermont home. 

Symbiotic interaction and gall formation M. Halit Umar (The Netherlands) takes an illustrated look at a plant gall and its microscopic features when sectioned and stained. 

Dark-field lighting with phase annuli Paul James (UK) explores the potential of phase rings for dark-field use with phase and non-phase objectives; illustrated with some impressive results. 

Some marine objects from the sands of Mediterranean shores Brian Darnton (UK) shows a selection of the diverse organisms that can be found; a QX3 microscope was used for imaging. 

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A meeting of the Southern Group, UK (Quekett Microscopical Club / Postal Microscopical Society) is to be held on Saturday, May 19th at Langton Matravers, Dorset, UK. Further information is available here, kindly supplied by Brian Darnton.

The 2001 Syllabus of the Kernow Microscopical Society (Cornwall, England) has been kindly supplied by Mike Morgan and is located here

Advance notice of a microscopy meeting in the UK: The Frank Rowntree meeting is held by Leeds Microscopical Society. It will be at its usual venue in Morley near Leeds on Sat. 2nd June 2001. For details and registration forms people should send an sae, to Mike Smith, 10 Moor Allerton Crescent, Leeds LS176SH, or e-mail Mike in the UK.

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