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Issue 61: November 2000. Next update December 13th.

(Image by Hilary Wright: One of the attractive paper covered slides
in a family slide collection. See article below.)

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Conserving a microscope and slides - science and speculation from Australia - Hilary Wright describes how an old family microscope and set of slides formed the basis for her Masters degree project in Materials Conservation.

Dileptus at dinnertime - Rosemarie Arbur, US describes her observations of the protozoan Dileptus as it ingested the protozoan Litonotus for its dinner.

Painting snowflakes - Jim Benko, US shares his experiences of dyeing plastic replicas of snowflakes to highlight certain details.

Vertical cell observation techniques - Paul James, UK shows how a simple prism attachment to a compound microscope objective allows easier examination of troughs of pond life.

Equipping a laboratory: Part III special glassware and some other apparatus - Richard Howey, US continues his fascinating series on how to set up a home laboratory.

A look through an East German school microscope - Martin Mach, Germany describes an intriguing compact school microscope made by ROW in Rathenow, a town with a long tradition of microscope manufacturing.

Tree holes - Bill Amos, US describes these fascinating but often overlooked habitats and looks at some of the plants and animals that colonise them.

An interactive rotifer - Wim van Egmond, the Netherlands shows a stunning image of the rotifer Collotheca in phase contrast lighting - with an interactive trick!

Video gallery: cyclosis in Canadian pondweed - cytoplasmic streaming within the cells of this common pondweed can easily be viewed with a student microscope. A video clip by Dave Walker, UK.



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