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Issue 217 - November 2013 : Articles this month       (ISSN 1365 - 070x)       Updated on 13th of each month.

A rare example of John Norman's 'Universal Educational Microscope', image by B. Stevenson.

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A Rare Microscope by John Norman, ca. 1867 - Brian Stevenson (USA) PDF

An arthropod observation garden. Part 2. The arthropods - David Richman (USA) DOC

Colony Man - Mol Smith (UK)

Heinrich Boecker, ca. 1855 – ca. 1940 and W. Emil Boecker, 1851-1945 - Brian Stevenson (USA) PDF

A close up view of the Italian Heath plant - Brian Johnston (Canada)

Hirsute reflections: Part 3. - Richard Howey (USA)

A review of the quality and usefulness of anatomic models - Mol Smith (UK)

'Freshwater Biology' by Ward and Whipple (published 1918) - Mol Smith (UK)

Studying diatoms with the help of circular oblique lighting - by Yannis Tsamouris (Greece)

The Newton Microscope: An expanded evaluation? - by R. Jordan Kreindler (USA) (A request for other owners of the Nm1 to offer their comments for inclusion into next month's review.) PDF

In Focus:
Thank you to Steve Gill who informs Micscape of the document below. Description is from his Amateur Diatomist suite hosted on the www.diatoms.co.uk website by Klaus Kemp.
An Account of the Diatom Flora of Nuneaton and some Outlying Districts By Horace G. Barber
"360+ pages of diatom notes and illustrations from perhaps the best diatom draughtsman in recent years.
The manuscript came to light only recently and has been transcribed and edited by Steve Gill. This is quite a substantial file and takes some time to download, but we think you'll find it worthwhile."

Micscape Editor's note: It is only when this document (25 Mbytes) is downloaded and viewed that can fully appreciate the monumental and painstaking project which Steve Gill has undertaken. The transcription of Horace's notes and drawings is impeccably crafted together with additional information and images on his personal life kindly supplied by his son (from where Horace's notebook originated). Surely a most fitting tribute to Horace Barber, whose work which can be continued to be used and admired.

DIGAM (Digital Image Grabbing and Measurement). Marien van Westen, author of the very popular MICAM image capture and measurement freeware, has written new freeware called DICAM. This can grab images saved to a PC by a camera for review, calibration and measurement, annotation etc for the microscope. Known to work with the Canon 600D DSLR and possibly for other cameras which have a feature for auto saving images to PC. Thank you to Marien for the information.

Next month's special feature: Rochester Institute of Technology, New York; articles by photomacrography course students. Micscape are again delighted to host articles by this year's course students; an article for Micscape on each student's project forms part of their course assignment as kindly organised and offered by Ted Kinsman, this year's course teacher (and in past years by Ted Kinsman or Michael Peres).

Microscopy-UK / Micscape Christmas competition. The prize is a handheld wireless video microscope, 5 - 200X (total mag. on typical screen, not optical) kindly provided by Apex Microscopes with competition organised by the site co-founder Mol Smith. See the main site index for details and how to enter. Shipping worldwide is included for the winner.


We are delighted to receive contributions small or large from microscopy enthusiasts whether a novice or expert. If you have an image, tip or article, why not share it, this magazine is what you make it! Have a chat with us , to see how we can help share your interests. Submission guidelines .

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Mikroskopie-Treff.de (Extensive German microscopy forum; some English categories.)
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Other sites
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Mikroskop Museum German website with resources on microscopes / makers .
Molecular Expressions awesome optical microscopy resources
Dennis Kunkel's SEM images stunning images
Diatoms Ireland - resource site by Leszek Wolnik
Leitz museum an illustrated resource compiled by Robert Allen
Microbe hunter a free monthly microscopy enthusiast magazine edited by Oliver Kim
Microscopies online magazine and Forum for French speakers
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Fun Science Gallery projects, articles on optics
G. Couger's microscopy links extensive links
A Cabinet of Curiosities a resource on Victorian microscope slides by Howard Lynk
www.viewsfromscience.com projects by Ely Silk e.g. chilled stage for crystal growth studies and LED fluorescence
'Diatoms Ireland' resource by Leszek Wolnik
Historical makers of microscopes and microscope slides Brian Stevenson's extensive resource on Victorian slide makers
Cambridge rocking microtome resources including manual

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