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Exploring the miniature world
Issue 60: October 2000. Next update November 13th.

(Image below of an arrow worm by Jean-Marie Cavanihac. Long thin subjects like these can be photographed by
creating a montage; in this case from five separate images. See article below.)


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Improving picture quality, part 2; field of view and resolution - Jean-Marie Cavanihac, France continues his series on using image software to correct and/or enhance photomicrographs.

PS-150 PocketScope - Jim Harper, USA shares his thoughts and trials of a new portable single lens microscope for kids ... and finds it performs very well.

Goat's beard 'clock' - Paul James, UK shows how a common wild flower and its seed head can provide many fascinating features on the macroscopic and microscopic scale.

Natural asphyxia - Richard Howey, USA describes methods for the amateur naturalist to relax micro-invertebrates.

Daddy-long-legs spider in 3D - Wim van Egmond, the Netherlands captures some stunning images of the spider Pholcus phalangioides and describes its fascinating life history.

Some observations on a freshwater algae - Mike Morgan, UK investigates the nature of a pond 'scum' and does a simple chromatograph to show the type of pigments present.

Speaking of fixation - M. Halit Umar, the Netherlands provides an overview of this important step of sample preparation with illustrations of common pond algae viewed both live and after fixation/processing.

Video gallery - a rotifer sequence - Dave Walker, UK shares a video sequence and still images of a delightful rotifer found in his garden pond.


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