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Issue 36: October 1998
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Image right: Mycaena haematopsis
photographed by Jan Parmentier

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Articles this Month

A closer look at mushrooms - a seasonal look with plenty of interest on the macroscopic and microscopic scale. Big spiders - a fascinating article on the tarantula and other big spiders, including their biology and associations with man.
Micscape Image gallery I - attractively arranged fern scales. A topical subject for autumn; fern scales are easy to collect and study. Micscape Image gallery II - Paramecium taken with a student microscope and box camera 40 years ago ... and a very important message.
Spirostomum - a protozoan with the fastest contraction in the micro-world! Desmids multiplying by dividing - a look at how these beautiful algae reproduce.
New Microscopy Book: 'Microscopical Mounts and Mounters' by Brian Bracegirdle - a new reference book published by the Quekett Microscopical Club. Trichoplax adhaerens: a weird wee beastie - the 'simplest' multicellular organism which is sometimes found in marine fish tanks.
Ron's Image Gallery - (external link) a selection of images on the 'Light Microscopy Forum', showing historical aspects of microscope development.  Advert link on original index: Sale of Open University (UK) McArthur design microscopes - a usable portable / field microscope for less than $10!

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Micscape is a non profit-making magazine for those who wish to look a little closer at the miniature world around us both on a microscopic and macroscopic scale. 
Micscape is a monthly publication written by microscopists and naturalists from around the world. It is a free magazine for Internet users from Microscopy UK sponsored by several small businesses.

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