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Exploring the miniature world
 Issue 71: September 2001.
Next update October 13th.

Image by Wim van Egmond: Last moments of a ciliate as it's engulfed by an amoeba.

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Pediastrum - the little star in the pond by Chitchai Chantangsi (Thailand).

Hiking with a field microscope by Wayne Lanier (USA).

Reflected and transmission macrophotography with a Coolpix 990 camera using 35 mm camera macro equipment and lenses by Vishnu Reddy (USA).

Dinoflagellates by Jean-Marie Cavanihac (France).

Image gallery: Seeds through the QX3 microscope by Anne Bruce (Scotland).

Amoebas are more than just blobs by Wim van Egmond (The Netherlands).

Desmids that form filaments by Bill Ells (UK).

Reducing the image scale of the lowest power objective by Paul James (UK).

Hydra oligactis - and how it got that way by Rosemarie Arbur (USA).

Snail's teeth, spicules and other bizarre delights: Or beauty is in the eye of the beholder by Richard Howey (USA).

Tropical and sub-tropical algae by Roland Mortimer (Brazil).

A versatile low power microscopy set-up for a modified Russian Biolam stand by Ted Clarke (USA).


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New forum on meiofaunal science: An Internet forum dedicated to all aspects of meiofaunal science has been set up.
Thanks to Cassian Edwards for this info.
(Editor's note: Meiofauna are organisms that live in the interstitial regions of soil, sand etc, and include many groups of interest to the amateur naturalist; both larger organisms like springtails and microorganisms like tardigrades and nematodes.)
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