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Issue 35: September 1998
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Image right: Euglena painted by Lizzie Harper, UK.
Euglena is a single-celled aquatic organism - many could fit on this full stop '.' !

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Articles this Month

'The smallest page on the web' - a stunning suite of pages illustrating some common microscopic aquatic organisms. Bees, microscopy and mathematics - a fascinating look at the honeybee, e.g. ever wondered why honeycomb 'cells' are hexagonal?
Marine debris from the Mediterranean Sea - having a late summer holiday in the 'Med'? Take a closer look at the beach! Incident lighting and the Lieberkühn speculum - a look at Victorian and more recent methods of incident lighting.
Conochilus - a beautiful colonial rotifer found in freshwater. The Rusty-backed fern - as autumn approaches, ferns are fascinating plants to study.
Inverted microscopes - practical advice on making home-made equipment for this type of microscope. Inexpensive water-immersion microscopy - practical advice on this interesting technique.
Camille Sebastian Nachet -
(External link) an overview of this famous French maker, and tips for dating Nachet microscopes.
My favourite microscope - the Cooke, Troughton and Simms M2000. 'CTS' were a well known British maker.


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