Micscape is a monthly online magazine forming part of the parent Microscopy-UK website for microscopy enthusiasts.
It was co-founded in 1995 by Mol Smith and David Walker.

'Micscape Lite' is a section of the magazine that allows microscopy enthusiasts to share their other interests

Slide rules, calculating aids,  logarithms and related topics

articles by David Walker, UK

Comments to the author David Walker are welcomed.

Selected resources for the slide rule enthusiast

United Kingdom Slide Rule Circle For UK and international members. Annual 'Gazette' with articles on a wide range of topics. Twice yearly 'Skid Stick' newsletter. Organises regular meetings.

The Oughtred Society US based with international membership. "Dedicated to the preservation and history of slide rules and other calculating instruments". This site has a wealth of its own resources, a tutorial of slide rule use and also access to older papers in its Journal. Its own links page is also carefully categorised and a good starting point for exploring the many resources online including online museums, sellers of new old stock and used slide rules. Organises regular meetings.

Rod Lovett's Slide Rules In addition to his own resources, he also offers a powerful search engine that can check for articles/papers in the major slide rule publications on any topic and also a search engine for checking prices that models sold for at auction.


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