The Lice Program - eliminating head lice from your family in 3 weeks! (end)

Well Done!

You have successfully completed the lice program and you and your family are now head-lice free. If you have children, be sure to gently warn them not to touch heads with other kids at school. Yes, its a shame to have to do this but it is the only way to make sure your children do not become re-infested by other childrens head lice.

We offered this program for free as a way of helping the thousands of people around the world wasting money on non-effective solutions and living in the frustrating shadow of head-lice infestation. We did a lot of work to help. If you think we did well, pehaps you might like to donate a small amount to help cover our costs in building and running this site?

Hopefully, our work will have helped you at a difficult time and will help others in the future if we can keep it running.

If you would like to donate a small amount (only if you can afford it) please click on the button below. Donation amount is set to 10.00 dollars, less than a bottle of anti-lice shampoo - which we are certain would not have worked on your super lice anyway.

To make a secure small donation, please click the paypal button.
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