The Lice Program - eliminating head lice from your family in 3 weeks! (enter)

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Welcome to the Lice Program. You can start your war on Lice anytime you wish. Probably, the sooner - the better. Be assured, this program works but you have to stick with it seriously for 21 days. If you miss one of the actions in the program, success is no longer guaranteed.

You, or your family are not alone with the problem you have with head lice. Millions of families are now affected. There is a world epidemic and the current range of chemical treatments are no longer effective againt a new generation of super lice!

Everything you need to do to get rid of your lice is contained within
THE PROGRAM. Simply pick the day you wish to start on and then come back to this web site each day to check what you need to do for each of the 21 says.

To help you focus on your objective, we have included video and still images about head lice as well as real stories of people that have been affected. We know how your life is impacted on by the issue at hand. We've been there too!

Spend a few minutes now finding your way around the web site and be sure to read
THE OVERVIEW of the Lice Program so you can prepare for your war on lice!

The Lice Program is FREE. It took us a lot of work. If you would like to thank us and help others like you, please make a small donation so we can cover our costs and keep this resource on the internet. Click on the button below to make a small secure donation towards funding this work. Thank you.


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