Microscopy Courses specifically aimed at training the enthusiast microscopist.
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Attend HALF and ONE day courses on a variety of topics practising enthusiast microscopy!
The number of visitors who have written in over the years asking for training and help are countless, yet nothing existed to help the  enthusiast in a formal way. Now, finally... help is available to train the enthusiast microscopist in the art and science of microscopy. Mic-UK in association with Brunel Microscopes in the UK are about to push the pursuit of enthusiast microscopy to new levels. Enthusiasts can now get proper Microscopy Training! BOOK your course today! Book now to avoid delays!

Course location -
near Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK

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Course prices start at typically £50.00 for a half-day course and from £90 for a full-day.

Brunel Microscopes have listened to the requests from our visitors at Mic-UK and have invested their time and expertise in support of our visitors. They have set up a whole range of microscopy courses where UK residents can attend workshops near Chippenham, Wiltshire, at low and affordable prices. You can now book courses online and learn in a friendly but informed way everything you need to know to become an expert enthusiast microscopist.

Visitors to Mic-UK outside of the UK will not lose out either: Mic-UK are going to record the courses and make them available as an enthusiast microscopist training package via this site as low res streaming content to subscribed visitors, as a dvd resource and as a vcd resource. All material will be available at low affordable prices in the New Year. We would love to give you the training free but of course such an enterprise costs so much time, money, and investment. But, we will ensure the courses are affordable and of unique value for the enthusiast microscopy community! Like to know more about courses for non-UK residents...  then click here!

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