3D Eprom Chip

You are looking through the window of an old EPROM integrated circuit chip. See the wires running down on the left to connect with the micro-small circuit board, which itself - is only 5mm square.

The image was created by filming through the window with a special camera which magnifies up to 120x. The camera was moved slightly to take a second shot: a left view and a right view; these were then combined using Double Vision software.

This second image of the chip was produced using a different technique. You can see a small needle I have placed on top of the window in the chip. No software was used to create this image. A filter was constructed from acetate and a 'corn-plaster' and fitted to a video camera which allows 120x magnification. Note the bacteria and dust on the needle, which accumulated over a few weeks by the needle being exposed to a normal household environment.

3D Image Selector

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