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Text by Vanessa Summers 1999
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Would you believe this?! Here I found two tiny flowers and 'blew' them up as big as normal flowers. Don't you think the yellow and purple go well together. Purple is my fondest color! These flowers together are smaller than the smallest postage stamp - real size! 

In just one hour, by carefully walking on my own and keeping a sharp eye out for the tiniest dot of color in the grass, I found so many Micro-flowers, I was able to select a few and put a bunch together. I just wish I had someone to love again to give these to as a present!

Next time, you want to give someone some flowers, maybe give them a micro-bunch... or would they appreciate it like you and me?

I cheated here a bit by putting a photograph of a landscape scene behind the flowers. I borrowed the Euromex Digital Camera from one of my friends to take these shots but, if you have a 10x, 8x, or a more expensive 20x magnifier, you should be able to get a close enough look to see what I have captured here!

One of the smallest Micro-plants I picked had only a single flower - like a rare jewel! I was amazed to see it, too, was a violet colored one. It is an oddity that in the one hour I spent looking - most of the Micro-plants I picked were predominantly colored purple, white, and yellow. Almost as if these colors favoured ultra-small blooms. I am no good at chemistry but maybe there is something about such processes which favour the color of very small flowers towards these choices. Does anyone out there know?

Well, I don't want to bore you.. but it is worth noting that a year or so ago - I was so very happy but the last 12 months have really put me thru a few problems. Thank God - or science - that I knew a few people who helped transform me. I started off with a terrific guy - Larry - but ended up with going through so many problems...

One thing is for certain - sometimes you have to look outside of yourself and a little closer at how other living things - beside people - get by. I realised today, that beauty and tenacity are everywhere... you just simply have to look for it!  Don't just take my word for it: get out there and spend a day on your own looking for new things you never saw before. My discovery today of Micro-flowers helped me to see some personal things a bit differently.. so hopefully - my ramblings here will help inspire you to seek out color, light, and beauty, when things get you down too.

One of my younger friends came over this evening as I was getting this article together for Lightscape Magazine. She knows nothing about microscopy and is just growing up and learning about the world.. and her place within it. Just like my Micro-flowers, she has a kind of 'invisible beauty' but has no inkling of it yet. I thought I would end this special day combining her extraordinary charms and lack of self-confidence with those of my little 'tear-catching' flowers from the local common (park). Larry taught me how to do this kind of montage: it's like blending science and us real people and our lives together!

Now why don't you go looking for some Micro-flowers and let us know what you find!

love Vanessa
("thanks mol for your help when I needed you and the loan of the camera")


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