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In these days of technology, electronic messaging, computer games, mobile phones and virtual reality, young people growing up often miss out on knowing the natural world around them. This is a place which defines and shapes both our lives and our planet. Perhaps the most important aspects of it are missed even by us adults too, as the real earth-shapers do not exist at our level of size. They exist at a macroscopic and microscopic scale!

I-Spy With My Little Dot is a series of colourful books designed to engage pre-teens at a wide set of ages in learning about their world at the smaller scale. The central character Dot is an 18 year old young fictional woman at university, but the 'child' still exists strongly in her, as does her love of the small-scale world. Dot shares her adventures with younger people through the stories in her books via exciting adventures which illustrate and educates others about the world at the small scale of life.

Bees, wasps, dragonflies, and ants are no longer insects which simply move around us, but creatures with whom she interacts with. Armed with a magnifying glass or/and a low budget microscope, your child can carry out small uncomplicated projects to see first hand what Dot introduces them to in her books.

The series is added to through this support web site, where the reader can watch small animations, movies and download posters relating to each book. The books can be selectively read by a parent to very, very young chidren or read independently by sligter older children (6 or 7 up to pre-teens - 12 year olds).

The hobby or past-time of using a microscope is often the fascination with older people whereas young people (children) often get one for a birthday or Chistmas present and become disappointed with it as no-one has the time or knowledge to show them what to look at and how. Dot knows how and she wants to show her young friends.

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