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I-Spy With My Little Dot is a seies of books of a new order, conceived to interest very young, and pre-teen minors to the extraordinary micro and macro worlds. Online support and additional content is free. Click on Dot below to access her dedicated area on this web site.


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Improve your Microscopy. Learn new techniques. Make slides, make light-manipulation devices for your microscope, explore pond life, section plants, discover, learn... how to do focus-stacking, take leaf peelings, bring a creature back to life, locate and look at Waterbears... and so much more!

Only a low cost monocular microscope is required, and most projects require materials sourced locally or are already in your home! Want a microscope to start? Pick one of these!

Every project shown in fine step-by-step detail, with friendly and helpful guidance. All age groups, but parental help is requited on some projects for very young people.

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No other book available for microscopy offers such clear, easy to follow step-by-step guide to getting started or improving home study with a microscope. One of our best selling books for all ages! 5 star Review on AMAZON.  

Don't be put off by the fact that the book is aimed at the younger reader this book is suitable for all ages and is a fantastic introduction to microscopy. Few books or purchases have exceeded my expectations as much as this has. The book covers some great simple to complete projects and also gives information on how to obtain all the accessory equipement needed. I wish there was something like this when I was a teenager.


The best way to advance is with a book by your side. And this is it. A book for our age. No cobwebs of past techniques. Here. Now. Up-to-date. New ways of exploring the microscopical world either with a low budget microscope or a super-duper expensive one. All projects show, step-by-step, how to get results, with every project carried out and photographed and filmed.

Written by the founder of this site and co-founder of
Micscape Magazine as an act of passion.


A practical project book showing you, step-by-step, 25 projects to do with your monocular microscope. New techniques, slide making, sectioning, using and making mountants, and so much more to grow your microscopy skills and knowledge.  B&W and full colour versions. More info?   

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No other book available (Year-2020) offers such a complete and honest guide where the whole work has been produced using the least expensive solutions for exploring with a monocular microscope. Parental guidance is required where children are young and advice on the safety of each project is clear. No toxic chemicals are used. No specialised knowledge required. Suitable for all with a curious mind. Buy a budget Microscope now with delivery to your door in just a few days!



Young people six to sixteen and adults starting out on practising microscopy (beginners), either as a hobby or just out of human curiosity, often find themselves not really knowing what to do, or how to get the best out of their microscope or macro lens/magnifier.

This section of our site at Microscopy-UK is aimed at getting you going in the right direction. It's all here: from buying a macro lens magnifier, a microscope, what to watch out for and to avoid, along with simple clear non-technical notes to use your microscope and what to look at. Just simple click on one of the pictures right to start.

Our main index above includes our monthly ezine aimed at the hobby microscopist called Micscape Magazine which has thousands of our articles published over the last twenty years.
Micscape is updated on the 13th of each month.


A simplified introduction to buying and using a 'first' microscope

A comprehensive and detailed primer into the hobby of Microscopy

Pippa shows young
people a lot
about microscopy in a set
of online HD videos

A quick VISUAL guide
to what to explore under
a microsope

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