Microscopy For Students, Young People, and beginners?
by Mol Smith


Young people six to sixteen and adults starting out on practising microscopy (beginners), either as a hobby or just out of human curiosity, often find themselves not really knowing what to do, or how to get the best out of their microscope or macro lens/magnifier.

This section of our site at Microscopy-UK is aimed at getting you going in the right direction. It's all here: from buying a macro lens magnifier, a microscope, what to watch out for and to avoid, along with simple clear non-technical notes to use your microscope and what to look at. Just simple click on one of the pictures right to start.

Our main index above includes our monthly ezine aimed at the hobby microscopist called Micscape Magazine which has thousands of our articles published over the last twenty years.
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A simplified introduction to buying and using a 'first' microscope

A comprehensive and detailed primer into the hobby of Microscopy

Pippa shows young
people a lot
about microscopy in a set
of online HD videos

A quick VISUAL guide
to what to explore under
a microsope

The Complete Section for
is here.


We like to help people. Got a question before you dive in? We'll answer you here.



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